Found the clear picture of Ashley Biden’s diary from last year. Joe Biden is a sick man!

Source: populistgop

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  1. carolpz2016

    this is criminal! Is this the diary of James Okeefei was talking about?

  2. annettenicolez777

    Isn’t this a crime against humanity? Shouldn’t he be in prison??

  3. jt78934

    Amazing how this is getting zero media coverage not surprised…any news that comes out like this about Biden and they try brushing it off and talk about Biden eating chocolate ice cream…

  4. propheticpolitics2

    It’s no wonder his kids are all messed up. Sad.

  5. calindsey96

    There is a strategic reason to release this now after suppressing it leading up to the election. Old man has served his purpose or it’s an insider hit job by the others struggling at the teet of political power.

  6. sandyhesse

    What does she remember about the QTips??

  7. val_niner

    Do you need daughter to prosecute dad? You don’t need the abused victim to prosecute the abuser!! So WTF!!

  8. wildly.wendy

    Jack Maxey released this last year. War room Pandemic put it all out there. It was in Hunters laptop. Funny it is all exploding now when it was all put out there a year ago

  9. lovemypack

    What did she write? “Breathing my vagina?” I don’t get that part.

  10. carriejojo212

    The perverted crime family. Nice!

  11. rolfe1979

    This the reason O’Keefe got raided by the Feds?

  12. amyvantassel79

    “I’m not your mother”. Interesting……..

  13. lorielemondrop

    Big deal. They also have Hunter’s laptop and what came of that? What about the crimes against America that are happening daily under this tyranny??!!

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