Four GOP lawmakers were accused of “trespassing” at a Washington DC prison when they tried to check on the conditions of January 6th defendants being held there.

Security guards at the DC Department of Corrections told the congressional members they could not enter the facility and locked them out of the building entirely.

Footage posted by Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz shows an attorney was even barred from seeing his client inside the federal prison.

Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (MTG) can be heard saying, “They don’t want us to know what’s happening inside.”

Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert explained that he and his colleagues are cleared for top secret information and they often inspect facilities, but that things are different under the Biden administration.

The elected officials explained that they’ve received reports of poor treatment in the facility and simply wanted to inspect the conditions for themselves.

One prisoner published a letter complaining about poor treatment in the facility and another claimed in an interview that detainees who refuse the COVID jab are being denied basic sanitary rights.

“These are the same types of questions we ask when we go to the detention centers at the border where they house illegals that come into our country,” MTG told an OAN reporter.

After being told that a facility supervisor was outside, the congress members and media left the facility and were locked out of the building.

“It was apparently a bait and switch. We are here just to talk to a supervisor and when the supervisor came out and we came out to have that discussion, they literally ran behind us and locked the doors, ” Rep. Gaetz said.

What is going on inside the prison that would make the employees rush to block members of Congress from entering?

Whatever they were trying to hide will likely be covered up before any investigation takes place.

Source: populistgop

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  1. This needs to be handled by a federal judge. These snakes need to be arrested, the uncharged prisoners need to be let loose and the federal government needs to provide reparations.

  2. dlord5610

    Looks like human rights violations. 1/2 of the government will not look in to it and the other 1/2 can’t .

  3. What a clown show of an administration. So pathetic and weak. Wow. Trespassing? On grounds they legally have access to? What a joke this administration is.

  4. Are the prisoners supposed to remain defenseless. Where are the GOP senators, Supreme Court…..these politicians no longer work for the people

  5. Why do the GOP representatives put up with it? They should have stood their ground until they were let in!! No wonder Republican Congressional members are constantly ignored, lied to and pushed around! They put up with it!!

  6. When an election is clearly stolen the result is brazen disregard of the law by the side that stole the election.

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