Fun deck on Ethan Klein.

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  1. tori.1054

    Mannnnn the only reason I watch that podcast is bc of Trisha. Lol

  2. artchurro1

    F.uck ethan and his weird eyebrow movement

  3. thekatalinav

    But if it works, why would he and his family be “put at risk”. Does his shot not work???

  4. sprovencial

    I used to like H3H3 but that was several years ago. He seems ‘unwell’. Shame 🙃

  5. tyronekarraker

    I see it the opposite way he does. If you are scared to get sick, then you should stay home. Why should others have to accommodate if they aren’t afraid? 🤔

  6. debkeogh8

    How can we spread something we don’t have exactly⁉️🤔🤔🤔

  7. lynnechels

    I stopped liking him when he kept doing Trisha so wrong. His words don’t resonate much with me. Have a nice day Ethan!

  8. crazy_jair00

    so does the shot his family not work then

  9. ericsantino

    If he got vaccinated why is@he worried about everyone else? Asking for s friend.

  10. charlie_alpha_echo

    Now there’s a guy who needs to wash his mangina… 🚫💉

  11. glg2424

    What a mo!
    Why we allow too much disrespect from these foreigners!!!!

  12. aiddia

    He clearly didn’t get the memo that the vaccine doesn’t prevent him from spreading or contracting the virus. In fact, he’ll be putting others more at risk due to the shedding that occurs in the weeks following each dose.

  13. oscarinthewoods

    But if you’re vaccinated, aren’t you “protected”?

  14. motherofcats326

    But I thought their magical shot is supposed to make them safe so what does it matter??

  15. poprenegade

    One argument to end all arguments: if your magic vaccine works then you don’t need me to have one

  16. spring.baebe

    So when we went to a movie and ball games before covid did the staff ask for ur vaccine pass for all the vaccines ever listed like chicken pox etc. No . so why would covid be all of a sudden a different standard that we would need proof for to go into any public area all of a sudden now… bc they’re trying to make it a new world order and sign the mass population of the world to be mind slaves.

  17. yobabycharchar

    It’s also not Ethan’s right (and all the other virtue signallers) to exclude a massive section of society from doing as they wish and going to places.

  18. aconte_45

    Someone needs to tel Ethan that him and his family have the vaccine and aren’t at risk from people who did not take it. If it can protect him from the virus in general why wouldn’t it protect him and his family from human to human transmission

  19. allengrayam

    This “guy” should really be careful what he wishes for. They’re even talking about v@((ine id to shop and I don’t wanna be the bad guy, but I will legit consider robbing a mf’er before I consider taking a shot to shop. If you’re going to violate my right to decide what type of medicine and/or medical procedures I partake in, I will do what is necessary for survival with a smile on my face. Trying to leverage me by restricting the everyday activities I might normally engage in falls into the category of violating that right. I sincerely hope it doesn’t come to that.

  20. julestm13

    If he has the vaccine, and I don’t aren’t I the one at risk? I mean, the vaccine works, right?

  21. catherinelange212

    But if you got the vaccine why would you be in danger from those who did not?

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Fun deck on Ethan Klein.