Georgia Updates

SWIPE<<< Link in bio for GA hearing

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  1. kim_flower2


  2. preston.millar.420

    Cozy. It’s all over let the GITMO transfers being…

  3. bigjoshnewyork

    What the hell happened in AZ
    Dead in the water??

  4. tgro67

    And Vern gettin his pool 🎱🎱busted by lin

  5. _project_thor_

    Why are people still making and reading Q posts?

  6. abelinaustin

    I’m feeling so cozy today. amirite?

  7. alex_lourido

    Those 2 foot high plastic shields are doing most of the heavy lifting. Thank God for them!

  8. maggiefuhrmann

    @thebrebroom @dawnstar1776 Did Chelsea Clinton really get arrested ???

  9. goodtimingary

    Oh man… @neoyahtzeee the entire wall is coming down.., 😂😂

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