Notice the New York Times article stating GOD IS DEAD was published 111 days before April 30, 1966, the date the Church of Satan was founded.
New York=111

Notice also that the article was on page 146.
Jesus Christ=146

It is a reminder the NY Times has always been controlled by Jesuits, just like the founder of the Church of Satan clearly died in a Jesuit ritual.

Thus, it makes sense the date numerology of this article was 95.
1/9/1966=1+9+19+66=95 (Jesuits created to counter 95 Theses)
Six Hundred Sixty-Six=95
New York=666

As for ’66, the number of the beast is taught about in the 66th book of the Bible.
Number of the Beast=66, Here is wisdom=66, New Testament=66, Math=66


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