God is here!

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  1. auburn111972

    We were put down on this earth to make our own decisions and to be held accountable for those decisions. I’m Christian, but I think we all have the right to decide what religion we want to be. Having and forcing a one world religion is just as bad as the NWO trying to force their bullshit on us. It’s called freedom of religion.

  2. txqd.17

    God is good! 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥 stay vigilant. Protect your spirit and follow his light in the darkness.

  3. rickragaire

    My honest perception of the person doing light language: Sounds like a locust insect speaking, and using the hands as representative mandibles. You decide, but that ain’t godly

  4. kushh_7

    That slide with that lady doing whatever she is doing is kinda creepy it doesn’t sit right with me , what is she actually doing ? 💚👊🐸

  5. 4scotswife

    Amen. Take time to know God. If we truly know Him well, we will be able to more easily notice what is not of Him.

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