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  1. I had two people tell me yesterday that we will be voting this virus away in November.

  2. 😂😂😂 When I think the whole make-believe thing can’t get any worse, there’s always a surprise.

  3. I happen to know “they” are testing on humans. They want volunteers who work in healthcare, emergency services, the food industry first. Would prefer minorities first due to their being hit the hardest by covid

  4. They trying to push this back to be behind the election because perhaps they were to win they are going to start implementing it. But they know under trumps administration they cannot.

  5. Wait, aren’t the blacks more heavily affected by the Chinese virus? They should definitely be tested on first. Plus, you know… monkeys.

  6. Poor monkeys! poor us if it changes the monkeys behaviour towards us. It very well could be the next phase of this game of jumanji. One never knows.

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