He was right. You honestly think he wasnt watching, collecting evidence in real time?
I believe it all will be revealed and I dont think it will much longer before EVERYONE sees what occured.
The World Is Watching.

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  1. bowling.david

    I’m ready… so so so ready. I’ve been redpilled for over a decade

  2. emporius

    I want my money back i don’t like the movie

  3. nathanielbelgum

    Well can he act and do something about this and end this movie πŸŽ₯ getting old fast

  4. amilmidzic

    Why did he endorse the vaccine again?

  5. thereal_jon_g

    Am I the only dude who thinks he’s in on it?

  6. thegreatmpv3.0

    Either that or we secure some funding, roll to the border a couple million deep, film it all, draw mass attention to the truth and state our demands for the world to see…..

  7. mossthewriter

    πŸ’― it’s just a matter of time.

  8. stormcruiser2020

    The military was infiltrated by the left via Obama. I no longer trust them to make it right.

  9. ksweetbear

    Let’s hope the American sheeple see it too. LFG!!

  10. orwellnailedit

    He knew. For sure. Can he deliver? I pray for that every day.

  11. chris.tyner

    It’s a movie for crying out loud…if you know you know. Dark to light and the glimmer is getting bigger day by day. WWG1WGA…good things come those who wait.

  12. nikkimama79

    Sick of this shitshow. We’re stuck with dopey Joe. We better face it.

  13. ingogullwing1944

    We have been told for a long time to wait and wait! I don’t think anything will ever happen, unfortunately!

  14. jwad1967

    I truly believe he was watching and collecting evidence in real time, I just don’t think there’s anybody that’s going to do a thing about it. What the greatest president in our lifetime flushed out has literally terrified me.

  15. rubysanna

    Yeah this β€˜I know everything’ shtick is annoying though. He’s a problem solver who finds novel means to address problems: like the Middle East. Why didn’t he put that energy towards stopping the illegitimate election process changes in individual states? If he had worked incessantly with those states’ legislators, he could have nipped all that corruption in the bud before Election Day and be potus right now.

  16. zebmarten

    I fully believe the truth will come out. And absolutely nothing will be done about it.

  17. tone6530

    Well I expected it, so I’m sure trump team did. But I’ve lost some confidence that it’s gone on this long with nothing happening. Most normies are talking 2024. Already forgot about the fraud

  18. kiwimark4

    Biggest sting op in history πŸ™Œβ€οΈ

  19. tlckygirl78

    I am praying and believing for this!!!

  20. chrisgee234

    Yeah I’d say he’s right but i think it’s clutching at straws that there is a master plan still at play.

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