Her death always seemed sus! Aaliyah took sleeping pill, carried to plane before crash: witness


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  1. myschels_2_cents

    Didnt they report that her luggage was too heavy ? Yeah suspicious as ever!👏👏

  2. the_book.of.matthew

    RIP Aaliyah, she was so beautiful, talented, and young. She had so much more life to live, and she was a Capricorn like me 😍😍😞😞😞.

  3. hannah14banana

    Yeah. Another Illuminati victim. If you know, you know.

  4. michelle_linz_

    Taken out to have Bey installed

  5. woodsmoke7thunderstorms

    I have ALWAYS thought there was something suspicious about this “incident”…

  6. souljabarbie_2900

    I swear I thought about this yesterday n kobe

  7. calibamaqueenin

    Damon thought the sacrifice would be worth it… now look at him and Hov beefin

  8. interdimensional.bunnie

    That makes sense cause remember the picture of her holding a rose “taking a nap” before the flight ?? When really she was probably drugged 😢

  9. megsbenedict23

    I was obsessed with her music she was the best! 💔😢

  10. luvrespectfamily5

    She was my absolute favorite. Great info thx

  11. mirandaleighgbp

    Yeah they sacrificed her so Beyoncé could get famous

  12. nessa032684

    Don’t forget the fact that Jay Z wanted her as his wife but she refused. She was definitely killed by the Illuminati

  13. morheat7

    They also lied & said Damon Dash was in a major accident & was in the hospital. Later her assistant retracted her statement saying a call came from Damon’s assistant. He said he never even had a call made & he wasn’t even in the area they claimed he was. The pilot was a drug addict & even he didn’t want to take all that gear. It was set up. We all know people like Missy Elliot & Beyoncé gained from that. R Kelly knew what the plan was & he had already done her so dirty. Hollyweird let him roast for sure because he knows too much. There is worse than him in Hollyweird.

  14. diane_marie_elizabeth

    Damn, I was just thinking about her a couple days ago. Time for her truth to come out.

  15. coralsantee27

    She was an amazing actress too, queen of the damned is still one of my fav movies!

  16. prettygirlbella

    Illuminati killed her. She wanted out. Beyonce took her place

  17. mediterraneanbabe___

    So weird I was looking things up about how she died again recently. To understand what really might have happened to her! Since now we know so much about hollywood and these sacrifices they do! UGH! It’s Sad and 👉🏼Mary J Blige says in a Youtube video that this was a “Religious Murder” 👈🏼 She admits it!!! She also said she thought “she was going to be Next”! 👀🤯
    So Sad and sickening! 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  18. tanishaseer

    Those that talked via cellphone with the passengers while they were on the plane told a different story that Aaliyah was up walking around joking with everyone else on the plane so….

  19. ccfuller85

    Didn’t she date R Kelly when she was underage too?

  20. ivonnesessence

    Yep. She was a sacrifice for Beyoncé to get the fame. Beyoncé was jealous of her, also because she wanted to be with jay z. That’s when Beyoncé was still in destiny’s child. After Aaliyah’s death, that’s when Beyoncé abandoned the group and went solo.

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