He’s finished


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  1. iloveccore

    That’s Greenland maybe but not mars!

  2. shoeshopping7

    Never heard of him. Glad he is seeing inside of jail cell.

  3. jeffstuds8051

    Y does he look like Zero from Holes if he went to law school?😂

  4. tc127sifvidal

    IM A SOLDIER…… always despised this clown

  5. hye.ken

    Wow #1 only Winslow I knew was from Family Matters #2 a homeless women #3 he better repent his sins #4 he’ll more than likely kill himself before prison. 🙏🏾

  6. eddie_van_whalen

    Why tf is Israel buying vaccines for Syrians?!

  7. m.doyle_

    So, space is 400km or 248 miles above sea LEVEL. Level is a synonym for? 248 miles is like Atlanta to Charlotte. I don’t feel so good space Bros.

  8. slandrews2891

    On old homeless lady?! Like what the frack is wrong with that dude?!

  9. josuw4.0

    “Imagine thinking that’s Mars” 😂👏🏻💯

  10. _alxndr_mgno

    Gotta love the stupid fish lense camera to make Mars look smaller than Earth 🤦🏻

  11. theeberns

    @jennifer_burns75 @geoffbailey @jtyenne @bobbyrex214 @rudulph1

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He’s finished