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  1. littlecreamsodaa

    He knew then. That song is SUCH a banger

  2. michelle_linz_

    I feel like I need to go read the lyrics to all of his songs and LPs music. It all takes on a different meaning now

  3. meganshook16

    I never realized it said that about babies…wow. I need to listen to all the lyrics.

  4. upstate.ghost

    That’s Chris’ best work. Love that record.

  5. haileycarmela

    Chris Cornell new. He’s always known. That’s why they got him and Chester.

  6. jersey_joe67

    You need to do a deep dive into the movie Chester Bennington / Chris Cornell we’re doing about the kids in Haiti , she no they suddenly got contacted by the Clinton’s & Bill got involved .
    Also look at the similarities in terms of looks between Chester Bennington & John Podesta … rumors Podesta was his father , but don’t quote me on that .

  7. demien31

    Is it me or in the background it says “pizza”?

  8. aroundy

    I’ve listened and sang to that song a million time and never realized that’s what it was about or what he was saying. 😫

  9. blueeyestruther

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 yep.

  10. chanellyw0418

    Yup and hen he committed “suicide”.

  11. sashaoslo

    Love Chris and Chester. I feel Keef (Keith Flint) was taken out by the same ppl. 😢 Don’t ask me how I know. It’s super dark.

  12. wierzbickicarole

    Have always loved them but had no idea what message they were sending until the other day!

  13. wildflower17_

    I’m feeling this!!! One of my favorite songs. He says it as clear as day in this song

  14. wildflower17_

    Also… the version with Chester and Chris is SO much better. Eddie V is one of “them” YouTube search Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington Hunger Strike and it’s a live version from a concert. ❤️🔥

  15. jax_marie925

    Holy shit. Chris 😢… he knew

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