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  1. will_fortune_new

    The fact that Reid has 2 million followers is very…disturbing

  2. nate_earl_dragon

    Haven’t seen your posts in weeks fren…. Hardcore shadowban

  3. thisisamy.b

    rogan. mcgowan. bruer. minaj. more of this energy 🙌

  4. therealdicktracy63

    So it’s 90A beeswax joy go get a life

  5. millyjackk

    Why do you mean by it’s happening?

  6. lone_poppy_farm

    If I see one more beta spout off “vaccine doesn’t stop you from catching COVID” well no shit fruitcake it’s NOT A VAX.

  7. sirrmatteo

    So does this mean she’s a republican voting for mitt romney… Them lazy bitches are fuckin up the economy – am I right Nicki? 😏

  8. labbicienta

    @tinfoilhatpodcast @isaacweishaupt

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