Hunter Biden lied about his history of abuse on a background check completed for the purpose of obtaining a firearm in Delaware. He later lost the firearm in a fight with his deceased brother’s widow, Hallie Biden, with whom he was in a relationship, according to Politico.

“Hunter responded ‘no’ to a question on the transaction record that asks, ‘Are you an unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, narcotic drug, or any other controlled substance?’” reports Politico. The left wing website notes that this happened in 2018, only five years after Biden was ejected from the Navy after he tested positive for cocaine. Politico fails to note that 2018 was also the year Hunter Biden uploaded photos of himself with a crack pipe in his mouth that were later leaked to the New York Post, suggesting he was a current drug user. Politico also notes that lying on the form is a felony, though it is rarely prosecuted.

National File also released a redacted version of the diary of Ashley Biden, the sister of Hunter Biden, who wrote in 2019 that Hunter reminds her of drugs.

Politico describes the apparent fight with his then-girlfriend Hallie Biden that led to the firearm’s disappearance:

The incident began when Hallie searched Hunter’s pickup, which was parked at her home in Wilmington, because of unspecified “suspicions she had,” according to the Delaware State Police report. Inside the truck, she found a .38 revolver.

Hallie took the gun to Janssen’s Market, a nearby high-end grocery store where the Bidens are longtime regular customers. There, she tossed the gun, wrapped in a black shopping bag, into a trash bin outside of the store.

Later that day, Hallie informed Hunter of what she had done, and he instructed her to retrieve the gun, according to the police report. When Hallie returned to the grocery store, she found that the gun was missing from the garbage bin and reported the issue to the store. Police received calls from the store’s general manager, Paula Janssen, and from another person, according to the report.

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  1. kagbabe

    Shockingly, Politico also reports that the Secret Service attempted to exert influence in the investigation, and tried to obtain the records of purchase for the firearm despite Joe Biden no longer receiving Secret Service protection, and despite multiple other law enforcement agencies investigating the disappearance of the gun.

    Perhaps most damning, Hallie Biden disposed of the firearm in a dumpster that was in close proximity to a high school. Politico reports, “according to the police report, because the grocery store sits across the street from Alexis I. du Pont High School.” The gun was eventually returned by an elderly man who regularly digs through garbage.

  2. mike___drop

    Hunter has become the hunted. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  3. johnthegun101

    Well then it’s a Federal Crime? So ATF or the bought and paid for FBI will investigate this? Make an arrest or more likely make and excuse and lose the evidence. Nice

  4. sonyamcsonn

    OH! I’M SHOCKED 😱 Hunter lies 😱

  5. robinmarks63

    A felony ! Will there be justice served ? Don’t hold your breath

  6. smacknbass

    So f ing sick of this hypocrisy , just the other day the mouth breather was mumbling about more gun laws , while his junkie son is breaking the existing laws

  7. rocknrollroper

    Is Lost the new woke description of sold it for Crack?

  8. robocatos

    He didn’t “lose” shit. He tossed it, probably after failing to get dope off a teenager near the school where it was dumped in a trash can.

  9. dave7159

    Admit it ! Hunter Biden is a shady character ! a member of the Biden crime family !…..

  10. ak_oldguy65

    The corruption this family is involved in is unending aling with law enforcements continued covering up of their abuses.

  11. elizabeth.g.vogel

    Anybody else, not a politician would be in jail now.

  12. theremopaul

    Most others would be in jail for this… regardless of color or economic status

  13. ladygee316

    Through away a gun my derrière. He most likely used it in the commission of a crime and got rid of it. And the made up the story. I wonder who was suicided with that gun. Maybe a child he raped or maybe one his father or mother abused. And the FBI and SS play cover up!!!

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