Excuse me but if BLM is calling for riots and bloodshed shouldn’t law enforcement be looking into this?

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  1. veryblessed55

    They seem to get a pass on all of their bad behavior. Yet grandmas who only attended 1/6 are in jail for 10 months now.

  2. 2carrollkids

    Holy moly….lot’s going on ……sound like another round of 🔥🔥 it all down is on the brink. I wonder if it has to do with PANIC in DC 🤔

  3. wilwal01

    BLM is a domestic terrorist organization. We don’t negotiate with terrorists. Adams would do well to remember that

  4. luckynoeleven

    Law enforcement are the SS and Antifa/BLM are the brown shirts.
    The work for the same people ultimately.

  5. lmmmario

    The shares Elon sold off are actually from a plan created in September. So not actually part of the 10% sell off poll

  6. unearthingjade

    Musk’s sell off is pre-planned. He received some type of award in 2012 is ‘exercising options’ (I know nothing about stocks) and was overheard a couple of months ago saying he was going to sell off in Q4.

  7. shorty_lordy

    the basics on how to “ fact check” any purported non profit org. https://www.irs.gov/charities-and-nonprofits Every three years non profits are expected to file a form 990 ( to claim all their donations, report what they pay their principals, etc.) failure to do so results in revocation of their non profit status.

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