I can’t explain how seeing this Live performance at Woodstock 99 took Me back & How much that band means to Me.


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  1. erinluci

    I always felt he was so underrated… such an amazing voice

  2. babetteladams

    😢 Prince was such an amazing artist, and person, he’s the one I miss most.

  3. joelthebuilder

    Takes me back to early high school, sitting at the computer playing Solitaire for hours listening to live

  4. whatcanwelearntoday

    No one sings like you anymore 🔥

  5. scalpssss

    Hahaha, Live was awesome. I alone is still a great track. Lightning Crashes too

  6. crazedchef

    Live music is what makes me live. It is my happy place. This year has sucked, missed so many greats shows will never have a chance to see again. fuck the globalists and their whole plandemic scam!

  7. crazedchef

    Seem em all you listed except the chick, no idea who she is.

  8. music_art_lift_repeat

    Fade Into You is such a good song, and Prince might be the most underrated guitarist ever. Phenomenal.

  9. nnnixxonnn

    Omgahhhhhh thissss songgg maaaaa 😍❤️🔥🔥🔥🙌

  10. elissahelberg

    Argh, the good old music festival. Crowds, sweat, bodily fluids and not a mask to be seen!

  11. beautiful_supreme

    I loved Live. The 90’s had such great music.

  12. barbarieck

    I love Live so much!!!!! Saw them many times. Jones Beach, Roseland, Westbury Music Fair. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  13. cofeadic

    Oh my gosh I used to love them. “All over you all over me”

  14. crisiben_accountingservices

    Absolutely 💯. Love it! Thanks for sharing.

  15. 2weeks2slowthespread

    90’s music was the last great music

  16. gbwright76

    I got to see Pearl Jam open for the Rolling Stones in 97 at the Oakland coliseum. Bridges to Babylon tour. 😁

  17. liljrioux

    Wow, what I would have given to be there! Thank you for sharing!.❤️

  18. mankindasound

    always love and connect w your music references… glad to know you; grateful for your voice

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I can’t explain how seeing this Live performance at Woodstock 99 took Me back &