I can’t help but think of that old lollipop commercial where the owl is licking the sucker and a child ponders how many licks it takes to get to the center of the tootsie pop. How many posts of “rare occurrences” and untimely deaths need to occur in order for the awakening to take affect?

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  1. amflynn

    You could make yourself a full time job just going through obituaries and combing social media, I bet you’d find a shit ton of these !

  2. millharp

    Insanity. The cognitive dissonance we’ve experienced this year is mind boggling

  3. gersonborrero_

    The world will never know 😂😂

  4. tamelessmusic

    So tripped you mentioned that commercial- i just was thinking of it, then yesterday I saw a meme for it, now you!

  5. alchemiccatalyst

    They aren’t going to wake up, they are going to die prematurely or be placed in homes for dementia.

  6. digging4truth

    I asked my husband the same thing today… When will everyone know someone who has been affected? Will that be enough then??

  7. three.things.i.pray

    I wish there was one account or website that posted only these — vax boasts and death notices — a clearing house. You’ve posted many but I know there are tons

  8. cascadiarisingevent

    Imagine heaven right now, what a mess

  9. johnny2cds

    Dude, how is it possible for humanity to be that stupid??? Are we surrounded by brainless people?? Vaccine vaccine! I want my experimental vaccine to “fight” against a “virus” 99,98% survival rate, pleeeeease! I want two shots!! My goodness!

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