I found this floating around on Facebook. You need to be careful over the next number of weeks.

I found this floating around on Facebook. You need to be careful over the next number of weeks. Watch your back. It’s going to get worse before it gets better.

Dear Neighbor,

You have been identified by our group as being a
Trump supporter.

Your address has been added into our database as
a target for when we attack should Trump not
concede the election.

We recommend that you check your home
insurance policy and make that it IS current and
that it has adequate coverage for fire damage.

You have been given “Fair Warning”

Always remember, that it was “you” that started
this Civil War.

Be prepared to face the severe consequences of
your pre-emptive actions against democracy.

was suspended at 56k for thirty days on October 6, 2020.
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  1. jkillah95

    This is why the silent majority is afraid to even speak out. If I told anyone in my communist loving neighborhood in New York City that I’m no longer a democrat and decided to vote for trump this year despite being brainwashed into voting for Killary K Klinton since it was my first election, I’d be shot. When I’m just trying to do the right thing for my country at this point and not let communism and Marxism destroy it. Hell, my mom taught me that Democrats were the party of tolerance….and that’s why I became one in 2016. Well, even she’s never voted for a republican in her life and she’s voting for Trump this year too. Anything I share that’s conservative, I share it on this page where I only have close friends following me and other conservatives I’ve become friends with, and not on my account with 5K liberals following me so they can trash my music, modeling or whatever I do. And they don’t attack me for being a trump supporter because I never was one until I started listening to conservatives, specifically black conservatives, which people where I’m from act like they don’t exist. They always attacked me just for thinking outside of the box, about things that had nothing to do with politics. Example: Getting stalked, harassed and threatened for a year because A WHITE GIRL MAKES RAP MUSIC. OMG CALL THE CULTURAL APPROPRIATION POLICE!!!! But the saddest part is that the ring leader of my “hate group” acts like they’re an oppressed black woman, when they are a teenage boy who does black face. And while they’re promoting BLM, they make fake pages impersonating a black man in jail. Why? Because he’s my boyfriend. It just gets worse and worse. To the point where I literally have to go to the police and show them all the disgusting shit these kids have done. Otherwise I can kiss my small businesses goodbye.

  2. joby414

    Things are definitely going to get worse. Be prepared for more anarchy after the election

  3. mari_co_r

    That’s so horrible. Someone put on fb that she was unfriending all trump supporters. A ton of people put the laughing emoji and only 5 agreed with her. The silent majority surrounding her and she doesn’t know it. We r paying for her

  4. bigethos

    Man, they had better check their life insurance policies making threats like that. Guess what happens when you show up? 👀

  5. donttread52

    Anyone anywhere at anytime could’ve typed this and photographed it. Keep that in mind also. Chaos theory.

  6. adam.krieckhaus

    Two things: One, wars are most often fought on battlefields not residences, at least according to fair engagement principles. Two, no one with enough nerve to burn your house down encourages you to check your insurance policy beforehand. Maybe the people they turned this info over to, do, but certainly not the person submitting this threat.

  7. All I can say is thank God for the second amendment. Patriots are armed and ready to take this on if provoked

  8. oerickson62

    All they are trying to do is to scare people. Make us to fear them is their main weapon starting with this pandemic. There are soooo many of Patriots there, they cannot burn everybody’s home. When all patriots stand together, those rats will run away or hide in rabbit holes. The RED wave is coming and nothing will stop it. We should not be afraid of them. Stay strong and be proud of your believes, fly it🇺🇸proudly

  9. lisainred

    And just WHO is this group identifying trump supporters? You’d think they would identify their proud selves on the flyer

  10. harleyxoxo44

    When and if Trump wins it’s going to get really nasty. I’ve already thought about that. worse than the burning and the looting that’s already been going on. 💔

  11. lauraduqu75

    Trump better not concede… they forget who owns the guns…. 🤔 funny are they worried about suing us after they do property damage?

  12. earthling963

    Lol pretty sure “trump supporters” if that’s even a type of person… have way better artillery 🤷‍♂️

  13. ck_726

    This is insane!!! The left plans on cheating their way in again apparently

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