I guess we’ll see if guidos right, seems like a strong prediction.

Also they’ve already gone through 500k ballots in Arizona before Maricopa officials are set to appear before AZ senate lol

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  1. _stevedowney

    As we learned in 2020 – show me the proof. I’m all in and ready to draw attention, but no more following people with “inside info” or “I can’t share the details, trust me”.

    Let’s gooooooo chomp chomp

  2. vlakebargas

    Time to whip out the non-fren bopper 17,000 🔨 time

  3. agentangelawakened

    I’m ready for some action for sure! We shall see what comes of all this. 😊😊

  4. mattking782

    Liberals have never been good with “facts” this is gonna be great!

  5. king_cozy_17

    OH SHID, Freejewmason trucker dumping at my work. Demons everywhere! Posted on my story.

  6. darth_rob_speedking


  7. popsrunberg

    Praise God 🔥🐸☠️🔥👊🏼

  8. thomas.carlitto


  9. grimmy_20

    The biggest Shocker will be Califonia 🏄 going Red

  10. fittro

    Montgomery county is where Im from. There were trump flags signs you name it everywhere. Rally’s everything. No way in hell Biden won montco.

  11. chrisann144

    I have been saying the dominoes will begin to fall and the msm will have no choice but to eventually report it…but as we know it will be look here not there…

  12. jkrepto

    I live in Montgomery county and I’m not surprised

  13. _rara_12

    Yep! I’m in Nevada and we know it’s coming!!!! Let’s Go 🔥

  14. phillypainter21

    I live in the county next to Montgomery in Bucks and when I went and voted we have those Damm dominion machines

  15. myfitlifebykim

    Let’s gooooooooooooooo!!!! 👏👏👏

  16. shadowjaguar7

    Montgomery County is my county!!

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I guess we’ll see if guidos right, seems like a strong prediction. 

Also they’v