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  1. Assange is fine though – he was free the day before we even heard there was a verdict according to Quaid – another distraction to keep the cabal on their toes

  2. _ssuperior_

    Very true I think the elites have figured this out and that’s why Jews exclude themselves.. we are literally causing self inflicted harm to ourselves..

  3. magicnumbers369

    Exactly, we literally manifest our reality by our thoughts and actions… remind yourself that everyday if you have to and you’ll stop dooming and be free.

  4. wbn0822

    Had to block a red shill that criss crosses between being based and a doomer. He knows the 👃 are bad but thinks Trump is going to use 5G bc the MSM believes it 😂😂😂

  5. heatherbird87

    If there was ever a time for prayer, it’s NOW! I agree, we need to come together to collectively change the timeline ❤️

  6. scottwlawson

    Yep. I’d rather be wrong hoping for and working towards the best outcomes, then to be right and say “told ya so” when something goes wrong

  7. ronirockin

    projecting our positive energy & thoughts sounds like a fantastic way to manifest.. N.C.S.W.I.C.

  8. What we think about we speak about , what we speak about we bring about , what we bring about we think about . 🦅

  9. Amen to that!! Speak positive things into existence. The tongue is very powerful. Watch your words 🙌🏼

  10. wrkhrse20

    Maxwell trial is supposed to wake people up to have the people do it themselves.

  11. charla_k_art

    We are extremely powerful as a collective. That’s what the cabal doesn’t want. Faith in God, that he will guide us

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You are currently viewing I have an idea when we get good news don’t manifest something bad to it all of you said the Maxwell case nothing is gonna happen you said Julian Assange he is gonna get killed you are calling upon these things lesson learned stop being a doomer and pray for positive outcomes