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  1. mommin.aint.eze

    Making my husband build this asap

  2. unbearabledeplorable17

    I’ll have to dig up pictures of my pet squirrel that I would bring to work with me back in my early 20s. I put her in a giant hamster ball and she’d roll around the office visiting my coworkers and their cubicles. 😂

  3. michaelrodrickk

    Fan of page but what the fuck is this

  4. meeshy_the_manifestor

    I have one in my backyard with a mini American flag next to it 😜 it’s awesome!

  5. kevinseller52

    I just played this for wife and said “Awwwwwwwe. I want one” she said “You’re annoying, I’m watching my show so get out … and wtf, you on some hormone blocker shit… all weepy over a squirrel and a picnic bench!” 😂😂😂 sure am!

  6. the_moxie_maven

    We have one! It’s so awesome to watch them eat!!!

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