I really hope it shakes back for y’all, regardless of my opinions on Elon.

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  1. kinglogosjonas

    I hope the frens holding DOGE make good money on it, don’t get greedy and sell with good profit. Then I pray everything Elon touches goes to the lake of fire where it belongs

  2. fantasticfunguy

    I got in at 3c… my intel hits different

  3. indie.247

    Im out of the crypto game til the swamp is drained. Back to commodities

  4. krypticmystik

    I can buy a castle and have frens over 🙏🏼

  5. mrrrbasssss

    No respect for anyone who thinks doge is the future of currency. These people have done 0 research on the coin it creation and it’s use case they just followed hype like bugs to a light. Because some some elitist jerk jobs in mark cuban and Elon said to buy dog FOH. Doge no use case. Over 14 million new doge get created daily (inflationary) the top 20 wallets holding doge own 90% of al the doge. it take 20 minutes of your time to research this and figure it out. Not to mention most of these people buy using Robinhood like WHAT!? You don’t even own doge on Robin Hood your trusting a 3rd Party (a corrupt one.. gives your info to citadel..) to say to you don’t worry you own the doge but you can’t take it off our app you can only trade with it… FOOLS BUY DOGE. Sheep.

  6. orionplantservices

    Only thing I’m hodling is deez, gooby.

  7. popsrunberg

    Avarice / greed are one of the seven deadly sins…..just sayin as a sinner

  8. 710.mikejames

    He stopped taking bitcoin, guess who owns it lol so its a good thing

  9. lukejohnowens

    Glad I found someone else that doesn’t ride him hard. My opinion he’s the next gen bill gates and a DS tool

  10. traashbandicoot

    Waiting til it at least hits 600 then im putting that all in xrp/xlm

  11. rksbrks

    This falls under “every lie will be revealed” for me 😏. Not buyin shi till I see the other side

  12. cea.shore

    I’m getting a Boat so I can enjoy the boat rallies this summer with all my frenz 🇺🇸

  13. be.the.change.you.seek

    Day/week trading doge has been successful as shit for me.. buy and hold on the dip, then wait for some shitty celebrity to endorse it, sell for profit.. might only be a few $100’s but it’s still money.

  14. kissmy__ashhhh

    I just wanna make a decent profit to buy a gun & send it to xrp I’m up 1,000 already

  15. laxcfx

    Orion Initiative is a charity yield farming and exchange on the Binance Smart Chain supporting Children’s Hospitals Worldwide.  t.me/orionfinancial

  16. jbg_402

    How we feeling about XRP? I got in real early on DOGE but I keep hearing XRP is going to be the new bitcoin🤷🏻‍♂️not crazy savvy on crypto but I understand some😂…More of gold/silver investor so I appreciate any info!

  17. jwownsvs

    Doge is actu shit, buy xrp or dash or lumens or sum, doge is a actual joke

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I really hope it shakes back for y’all, regardless of my opinions on Elon.