If you’re a realtor don’t get mad at me 😂

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  1. whiskeytangofoxtrot239

    In Florida, this is not allowed. We are subject to eminent domain and state/govt taxes. Can’t speak for other states.

  2. hethatiswithinher

    Wow wonder if this is doable in Texas

  3. nurseycarolina

    What about townhouses or condos??? I didn’t see info on them @reversemockingbird1776

  4. valeriewarschak

    What!!! 🤯 and I’m a realtor 🙈

  5. thishomelovedlife

    Not allowed in Idaho. Somebody tried back in 1994.

  6. benett.almeter

    I mean that would be great but I imagine any state would crunch your balls on that

  7. xo.hizhunnay

    Sent you a DM on this. Hawaiian Kingdom was overthrown and these “titles” were disregarded…a whole kingdom…they’ll squash a single home/land owner 🥲 good to know tho.

  8. monacoreporter

    Doing my research. Thank you!!

  9. mikejg86

    Washington DC land patent is owned by 18 individuals.
    YouTube “Original Land Patents of Washington DC”

  10. sri_brahmanandaji

    @reversemockingbirdproject props to you for even knowing this … if you wanna collab hit me up . Am aboriginal and only aboriginals can own land , we gotta claim it all actually lol 😂 looking for help

  11. cajun.stang5.2

    I am going look it up, I know what a land Patent is, I research title for a living, but alloidal title is something I never heard of. We compile abstracts on tracts of land so an attorney can render an opinion on who owns it.

  12. truthiskey2021

    🏃🏻‍♀️runs to search

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