I’m sure he was a great guy.


I’m sure he was a great guy.

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  1. Circumstances are unclear but no signs of foul play? OXYMORON ASF! Who tf gave that report? 🤦🏽‍♂️

  2. I can say he was indeed, a gentleman of gentlemen , kind and lovely , I’m shocked and heartbroken 😔 💔 🖤#leyend #housemusic

  3. He denied the rape ever happened…. then the dna results came back proving it did, ooops, he was about to plead guilty and tried to save what reputation he had (which was a horrible person towards women) a lot of the DJs know and there are many more like it. But you wont hear that, they all praise him, which speaks volumes.

  4. I’m bored of those fkn women that allegedly has been “ raped” and get party, drinks and drugs like the hell and making horny to guys , if she was uncomfortable after many times he flirted her etc, why she didn’t fkn leave the house??!! This kind of accusations are popular in London and other cities, now a couple even if u go together, have to send a wassap message telling u agree and before separate , send a wassap telling was everything good , stupids #feminazis wanted to get advantage playin as victims , like little girls 🤦🏻‍♀️ this kind of shit ppl destroy the life , the reputation As they do to Michael Jackson , I’m bored of those fkn girls , guys be very careful!!!

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