In a bizarre video posted to Twitter on Wednesday, the Republican governor of Texas Greg Abbott falsely claimed that free speech social media website Gab is “an anti-semitic platform” that has “no place in Texas,” drawing immediate mockery online for his inaccurate statements.

“Anti-semitic platforms like Gab have no place in Texas, and certainly do not represent Texas values,” Abbott said. The governor then displayed an unnamed piece of legislation created by Republican Texas representatives Phil King and Craig Goldman, which he proudly proclaims to fight “anti-semitism in Texas.”

Abbott’s tweet was quickly rebutted and ratioed by the official Gab Twitter account.

“Gab is not an “anti-semitic” platform. We protect the political speech of all Americans, regardless of viewpoint, because in this age of cancel culture nobody else will. That means unpopular viewpoints may be found on the site,” the official Gab account posted in response to Abbott’s tweet.

Gab followed up with another tweet that sharply ratioed Abbott, stating, “The enemies of freedom smear us with every name in the book because they hate America and they hate free speech. It’s a shame to see a GOP politician fall for this trap when conservative values are under sustained attack all over the country.”

It has also come to our attention the @TexasGOP has a very active social media account on with over 17K followers.

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  1. mgs_llc

    Semites are anti-Semitic it’s all a ruse

  2. ex777samsara

    This guy reminds me of Bush. Maybe it’s the weak streak. Don’t trust him myself.

  3. squinty_rizzo1776

    Dissociative personality disorder ❓❓

  4. a.m.kimber

    This is strange. It sounds like he got some wrong information or misinterpreted something and went with it instead of following-up. Hopefully, he owns this and apologizes.

  5. littlebearandpapa

    I haven’t seen anything antisemitic on gab.

  6. jcmoontxusa

    I still think he’s doing a great job for Texas 🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱

  7. onecropovertheline

    Yeah, he doesn’t say why he thinks it is anti-semitic either. I’ve seen no evidence of it and I’m on there everyday. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  8. lil_orbit_teran

    Gov Abbott is a cuck and a RINO

  9. stevieshut

    They also tried to say that about Wall Street bets, which is total blasphemy… it’s a choose your own ending kinda era, gang.

  10. mr.t4242

    Governor Abbott the clown for shutting down the state

  11. familia2011

    His true colors are coming out!!!🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ how can you be so good and then make this big mistake with out research first? Let the time telling us the real you!!!

  12. ams0620

    Full on RINO. He sold out Texas on order of cabalist Elon Musk to get the Tesla truck plant. He will lose in the primary unless he has rigged the next election. Texas is fighting a house bill to give him Cuomo-like power. No one should be surprised. Bushes are RINOs.

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