Just starting to look at this “Tom Hanks post”, nothing normal about it. I figured out what the black thing was. It’s a cap from a
coffee cup….

Prob just a coincidence Isaac “kappy” (cap) was supposedly murdered by him & the cap is smashed.

anyone else seeing anything here?

Look! I hit on a King and a Deuce! 21! Hanx.

What’s the significance of a 9 of clubs?

Ninth letter of alphabet is…. i … i-Cap

Looks like a Lid…you could call it a top ..or a

cap.. and 9th letter of alphabet is… I

I saac

CAP (Kappy) …

He’s still alive? If yes, then the 21/3 could be days/ 3 months to execution.

It seems the message is that he is telling people they are “on their own”, now. It is not about the lid, but the word “solo” printed on the lid and combines with the worn 9 of clubs (or wands, in Tarot). Also, “the king has fallen”… reduced to weakest card in the deck.

21 also equates to blackjack. A King and a Duece would not be a good hand for the player as it only equates to 12. By posting 21, the message can be interpreted as “the house won’t. Immediate defeat.

Cap and 9th letter of alphabet is I. Cap I?

Good eye.

Isaac Kappy. Rest in Peace.

Traveler is nick name for mason.

Now that I know, I can’t even stand to see your face on my tv when I scroll for something to watch I refuse to watch tv or movies until I see people like you are locked up or dead. There is no place in this world for people like you anymore. May God have mercy on your soul.

NOVember is “ninth month” by old calendars.

Suit is clubs – or “club”?

Lid inscription “Caution contents hot” and word “SOLD”?

Otherwise appears to be about blackjack.

Hit on 12 + 9 = 21 a winning hand.

9 of clubs has conflicting meanings if you look around.

Here’s one….

Clubs Mind Communication Intelligence
Nine Of Clubs Meaning: Mental Discord
Karma for the Nine of Club • Transcending Negativity

All NINE’s need to transcend the intense challenges of their suit. The
CLUB suit symbolizes the mind, and how we think. Thus the 9 Of
Club have difficulty letting go of negative thinking habits. and can suffer from mental laziness or procrastination.

As a rule. these people are warm and friendly with a keen sense of obligation. They like to keep promises and pay their debts. Those who succumb to mental let energy or negativity feel powerless to realize their true potential.

The 9 of Club is known as the ‘Adventurer’s Card’ They like to gamble and are always willing to take a chance. They are intensely curious and when they apply…

Deuce 21 could mean 21×2=42. Kappy was 42. Hanks also posted that pic of the glove on highway 66 where Kappy died 42 days before his death.

Solo traveler will be clubbed 9 times. Or by 9 people.

Also Chet is in a feud with Takashi 69 and the card has a literal 6 and a 9 on it.

Looks to me like he found a 9 year old kid traveling solo.


The comment thread is 🔥🔥🔥. He’s done. Hollywood is done. This genie cannot be put back in to the bottle. Too many people have woken up.


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