Military Deploys 'GWEN System' Frequency Towers Across US, For Future Use Of 'crowd control' Report States

Military Deploys GWEN System Frequency Waves Across US, For Future Use Of "crowd control" Report States

The last slide is from Wikipedia. It’s complete lies. There’s 10x more locations, the program was never stopped and there’s one 3/4 miles away from Me. I pass it all the time and it’s NYPD/others guarded. It’s also the highest point on the Eastern seaboard.
There’s a load of information of these towers, even on You tube if that’s your thing. Point is if You don’t know about this? You need to.🙏🏽


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  2. franatic_one

    I can’t even fathom this! So much has been coming out and we have choices on who to believe. With these Gwen towers where is our CHOICE?! This is very scary!

  3. brianwallos

    What’s going on in our home town

  4. momof3ak

    Made before Alaska was a state? Nope; just left off the map…is this accurate?

  5. tengu_monk_bruskdesign

    Some of these have a secondary transmission which is where we get the “Numbers Station”. Numbers stations as a cover. Weird stuff to freak you out so you don’t mess with them since they are predominantly unmanned. I used a triangulation setup to find a numbers station once. No joke it was emanating from a water tower near a mall.. 🤔

  6. tengu_monk_bruskdesign

    as an aside they did not “stop” the project they likely simply transferred it to black budget where they no longer have to justify or report on its progress. It’s a typical tactic

  7. momof3ak

    I could not find it. Boy are you organized and well informed!

  8. nicholas__adams you should make a post summing this up. It’s kind of confusing.

  9. sh00ter420

    I’m in staten

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    where is it I’m at work can’t read everything yet but I Wana know now smh lmao

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    When did they build the one on SI?

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    @amy_lou_who_76 part 3

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