Is it really that hard to understand what is going on and those that are behind it? How can people not see that the puppet in office does not care about America at all and that we are going to watch him destroy America from the inside out. I can’t believe how many people unfollowed me and told me how much better option B (Biden) was than option A (Trump) or even how many people still think they are the same. Idk why people try to generalize and dumb things down to were there is no logic. Yes both are puppets but they are puppets to different people with different intentions. One was for America and the other is for the NWO. It’s not that hard to see that. No matter who is in office the NWO will progress because they own ~95% of all politicians. We the people need to wake the fuck and stop enabling their agendas. Stop falling for their distractions & stop acting like we don’t have a choice.


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  1. imeglinmegatron

    Not a coincidence but now because of your post I’m putting two and two together

  2. shellschafe

    If people cannot see how doomed we are being in chinas pocket. They’re too far gone to even save. They’ll enjoy gas prices (not) as we become more & more OWNED! Why is China buying electric companies in Cleveland? Why does China own our toll roads!?! Here in Colorado they own 470…it’s stupid expensive and the route to DIA.

  3. jacobdiazisreal

    Let’s not act like America hasn’t been weather moding Everything either😂

  4. 11y48

    But most of Texas has its own power grid, parts of Texas who are connected to the main national grid did not loose power. It’s ERCOT’s fault, they aren’t federally regulated so they don’t have to follow the rest of the country’s guidelines. It’s really some Republicans fault for taking money over standard safety guidelines-but what’s new.

  5. pat_az_2020

    The communist python will slowly squeeze the life out of the U.S. economy. Start preparing for it NOW!! Create several streams of income and learn about crypto currency. Anything you can do to get away from centralized banking system.

  6. astralado

    A part of me feels like trump and Biden are equally powerless in the big scheme of things and our division over them does nothing but support the divide and conquer agenda. While they certainly both have agendas, the media’s perpetual slandering of trump makes me feel like he threatens the most prevalent/ majority of the elitist regime. In my opinion, the media dogma is telltale of what the collective deep states agendas are and who threatens them. While I wouldn’t call myself a trump supporter, I would rather have him than Biden if there truly is any difference made by the office holder in place.

  7. linda_sheridan

    The entire government needs to be dismantled. #endgreedforpowerandmoneyandcontrolNOW

  8. sondersovereign

    Ummm yea this is a bit of a stretch. I’m in Austin, TX. The power grid failed because TX is the only state that is stupid enough to not share their grid with the rest of the nation. No one could help us as the demand for power surged higher than the grid was ever designed for. We never have to heat homes up from outside temps of single digits. This storm was just the beginning of extreme weather due to global warming.

  9. vannyplays__

    Can you elaborate “weather modification program”?

  10. onlyjd928

    No. And also Biden made it a point in every election speech to mention climate change as a top issue

  11. comtrunity

    The information is vague, speculative and questionable. Giving room to the chance that it could be wrong. Once the frequency of the information didn’t match the people, the following stops.

  12. planetzoot

    It doesn’t matter who the president is

  13. saraxyb

    People don’t want to see.. don’t drive yourself mad trying to convince them, they don’t want to. All we can do is help raise awareness on earth with higher energies, so that with time, everyone here functions at a higher frequency. 😊

  14. mjoniak13

    Things like this make me question EVERYTHING!

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Is it really that hard to understand what is going on and those that are behind