It will never end

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  1. chicaone23

    Meanwhile CDC does not require any of their employees to be vaccinated

  2. tiffanne630

    So what’s next second booster shot third fourth what happens to people who don’t get the booster shot are they no longer considered fully vaccinated individuals how does that connect to the New York Health pass will they no longer be allowed to be accessing indoor spaces if they don’t have the booster shot.

  3. flyshutter

    When money is to be made it never will 💰

  4. sidlz

    Effective but protection can wear over time 🤦🏻‍♀️ She contradicts herself

  5. rebecca.l14

    That’s fine. Let them get all the shots they want. They will get tired of it eventually, or they won’t. It’s their decision.

  6. christina_elle_r

    It is a mega FLU. A Virus that will not be eradicated. So yearly “booster” shots, for those that WANT them is a normal sequence of vaccinating against a flu. The real issue is Stop requiring them for those that don’t want them! They just don’t get it. No means no, my body, my choice, stop the controlled compliance.

  7. gregreg12

    I remember lots of people being labelled as conspiracy theorists when they predicted never ending jabs when this all started.

  8. cajunastro2018

    <-- has durable, long-lasting immunity

  9. betsymoran3

    Anyone that opts for this is just nuts!! How many chemicals r u willing to put in ur body ?

  10. adriannarzegocka

    The fact that people don’t see what’s going here is beyond me!

  11. hangryhennessy

    I’m just gonna raw dog this virus, thanks. ✌

  12. nani_t_9_2.0

    Forever and ever Amen! Bought and paid for. Someone please investigate her bank accounts!! I dare you.

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