“It’s a Disease From Mommy and Me” – Joe Biden Admits to Battle with Addiction in Newly Released Text Messages to Hunter

Text messages also show Ashley Biden warning her brother Hunter against dating their dead brother’s widow Hallie.

Trump suggests he’s seen Hunter Biden’s ‘laptop from hell’

“You look at that thing, there’s more criminal activity on that laptop than Al Capone had if he had a laptop. … He was a baby compared to what I was able to see.”

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  1. susiemzu

    Brebby you’re on fire today! 🔥 thanks for all the awesome posts & hard work!

  2. itake_napzzz

    Was he at Passages Malibu??? 🤣😂

  3. kereniskeren

    I still find it creepy he said mommy and me to an adult man. Fitting tho.

  4. ifrogfren

    WHY dus Joe Biden NOT USE PERIODSS BTWEN HE SENTUNCS??? Mi kno mi cant spel gud, but mi KNO HOW 2 PUNKTUATE!!! 🐸

  5. shelli141911

    Is he talking to his sister when he says “ you don’t have to send a single sexy picture to me” ???

  6. stephenmattox

    Pray for the Biden’s and others. Addiction is a tough battle. Jesus didn’t tell you to go laugh and go throw stones at glass houses when we live in those ourselves.

  7. tommy5pointoh

    We all know what Joe is addicted to

  8. president_elect_sully2.0

    Really keeping it all in the family….

  9. lmmmario

    I’m confused. Weren’t these texts already released? None of those were new

  10. sethvb

    When you live in a cycle of child abuse, pedophilia, and child torture…I’d imagine they need to numb the memories and guilt. 🤷‍♂️

  11. justsumguy61

    Its an easy way to hide from trauma, doesnt fix it but masks it well. Ill never say its a disease because it isnt. Its a lack of courage to face the truth, no matter how dark. To leave it buried requires assistance by things like drugs, booze, etc. I can only imagine what she dealt with in that family. But the Truth shall set you free. Out of the darkness and into the Light. Took me a long time to face my demons but once I did, those vices no longer hold any appeal. Prayers for those facing it and not running.

  12. p.e.b.patriot


  13. themass33

    If they weren’t so evil I’d say this is a beautiful thing. But, Jeeze are these 2 fooked up

  14. boss_mannington

    Mommy? What kind of pussy says mommy?

  15. michael.mccabe

    Sounds like the spin doctors are trying to make sleepy Joe a sympathetic figure.

  16. matt.h15

    Imagine if this was the Trumps. National news every second talking about this 😂😂

  17. iamsam4fun

    They’re addicted bc they have been pimped out their whole lives

  18. spensd93

    Hunter 2024 he called his Jewish lawyer the n word , he gets it , if a republican did that they’d automatically go to prison #HUNTER24

  19. billy_stringer_tattoo_777

    His drug Addiction is a disease or pedophilia is ? Guess it runs in the blood

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