It’s all real


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  1. bennyswank

    Dude on the left is literally the soy boy meme 😂

  2. tilebychristopher

    I built a chicken coop. I will eat a chicken for every chicken saved to stop the world from being decimated by a ravenous horde of poultry

  3. dr.van.nostrom

    What is it with dudes making that gay ass face

  4. zackoonhisbackoofficial

    2 dude’s are ready for d1ck in their mouths.

  5. freedomdietitian

    KFC gives you diarrhea now it’s going to give you man boobs too

  6. indie.247

    Fuck them chickens! 😂 them soy boy nuggets gunna have you guys lactating and voting democrat 🤦🏿‍♂️

  7. p.e.b.patriot

    I think the closest KFC is in another state. Been at least two decades since I visited one.

  8. pumpkin_patch_pete

    I’ll give it a try with a side of biscuits.

  9. infowars._1776_

    So the “GUY” that NEVER eats chicken will now go to KFC to eat something that is NOT chicken…chicken saved!!! Wait……

  10. tim__tardashian

    The classic soy boy sex doll face

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