It’s official: Amy Coney Barrett is the nominee to US Supreme Court

Posted @withregram • @ashlynn139 Amy Coney Barrett! Mother of 7! Adopted two children from Haiti, has one child with Down Syndrome. She says “I love the United States and I love the United States Constitution.” What a slam dunk!



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  1. ericbitetto

    Friend, what are your thoughts on her court rulings in favor of mandatory vaccinations, lockdowns, etc? Have you read the information out there about her being a Trojan Horse?

  2. imjustinquisitive

    The left is already trying to smear her for the adopted kids from Haiti — theory: trump knew they’d take the bait, by nominating her, this will shed light on/pave the way for Haiti/Killary revelation …dark to light …nowhere to hide

  3. d.dubble

    And there you have it. Let the games begin! 🤡🍿

  4. spencerianlove

    I want a male judge not a woman…

  5. derek_brower

    What’s up with the gold fringe on the flag? I was led to believe that’s a bad thing…

  6. sasafrassmyass


  7. dadofthedadzz

    Wanna explain communism to your children? Tell them to go outside and mow the lawn for the $10. When they finish, take 3 of those dollars and put them in your pocket because you’re the one who showed them where the work was. After that, take 3 more dollars and give it to the neighbors son sitting outside doing nothing. Then when they ask why they only have 4 dollars when they worked hard for 10, tell them to go mow the lawn again for another 10$.

  8. vm_patriot


  9. emily_candles

    But does she love America? The “United States” in the federal code is Washington Dc and the Territories.

  10. tawaitai

    #AbortionIsMurder #JusticeAmy🇺🇸

  11. jayare416

    Does this mean shes in or do they have to vote ?

  12. officially_gleb

    @obiwan_qenobi so apparently no 5D bait and switch? What’s your thoughts. What if she didn’t have the Haitian kids? Would she be standing there now? Either way, let’s fucking go 👏🏻👏🏻

  13. bs_cook

    @obiwan_qenobi and here’s where we maybe going “In the case Rainsberger v. Benner, Barrett authored an opinion in which she denied qualified immunity — a protection for government officials from being sued for judgment calls they make on the job — for a police officer who was alleged to have submitted a document “riddled with lies and undercut by the omission of exculpatory evidence” that led to a man being put in jail for two months.”

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