JA is protected

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  1. robbswitzer

    Snowden is not our friend….once a clown always a clown 🤡

  2. keep_the_lov3

    You really think McAfee is dead?

  3. lesleymglameyer

    This may be a hint to JA deadman switch…. McAfee’s was just cracked. Don’t think anyone is dead. Just think the info is out

  4. fa.rshid213

    Mcafee isnt dead check george news and code monkey besides if he is really dead his information will be coming out soon well see

  5. johncolaw

    McAfee also threatened he had insurance, like JA. Without the private keys, seems they would be afraid to whack either of them. Nothing is as it seems. I lean towards JM being flipped to save his skin.

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