Jack Squirek, who put the Raiders up by 18, 21-3, in Super Bowl 18, was announced dead on the first day of NFL Week 18. On top of that, he wore #58 for the Raiders, and the Raiders are hosting Super Bowl 58.

Keep in mind his score was “pick 6” and he was announced dead on the 6th.

Notice the Raiders won that Super Bowl 38-9 over Washington, the city from the 38th Parallel North. *Raiders=38 *DC=47 (38+9=47)


He was 64. *Kill=64 & 44 *Jack Squirek=44

His name had other fateful gematria. *Jack Squirek=73 *Sacrifice=73

Notice he is from Cleveland, Ohio, home of the Browns, and also the Baltimore Ravens, who were once the Cleveland Browns. He was the 35th pick of the draft.
Browns=35 *Super Bowl=35 *Football=35
Cleveland, Ohio=64

He was born on February 16, or 2/16, like Ohio is the (216) area code.

That’s also the 47th day of the year, going with the 47 points scored in SB 18.
Ohio=47, Nevada=47 (First Super Bowl in 47th season of NFL)

Remember, the Raiders moved to Vegas in the 101st NFL season.
Jack Steve Squirek=61 & 101
Las Vegas Raiders=61 & 101

His death was announced on January 6, or 6/1, like 61.
61, 18th prime number


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