The rumor was his mom, but it was his grandma, like how Mahomes lost his grandma not long ago.
Mahomes=74 (Jawaan Taylor wears #74 for Chiefs)

Her death was in the news July 4, or 7/4.

She died April 5, 2023, a date written 5/4 (Super Bowl 58, 54th of the modern era)
She died 44-weeks and 4-days before the Super Bowl (Chiefs trying to win 4th Super Bowl)

Debbie Bates Martin=112, Super Bowl=112, *Chiefs=112

Notice how ‘grandma’ connects with Super Bowl 58, and the gematria of ‘Super Bowl.’

Once again, the Super Bowl is on the 42nd day of the year.

His mother was falsely reported dead on February 4, or 4/2, like 42.

This news broke 75 days after his birthday. *Jawan Taylor=42 & 75

He was the 35th pick of the NFL Draft. *Super Bowl=35 *Football=35


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