Jesse reran this last night for a reason.
A cult is controlling our border.
Symbolism will be their downfall.


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  1. thebrebroom

    Who helped arm the cartels?
    -Fast and furious-
    Who just got done “arming the Taliban?”
    Child brides on the planes?
    Unvetted people entering our country?
    The parallel of the border.
    Timing is everything.

  2. _matthixson_

    Waters sounds like he just huffed helium

  3. wickedpissah207

    Lots of witchcraft goes on in Mexico. They have pop up shops everywhere.

  4. bazaratti_2.0

    Death, worship & human sacrifice. Just three of the things going on this weekend at Buckingham Palace

  5. nateburruano

    Why does his voice sound like a 10 year old?

  6. chris.graffeo

    Uranium 1 Fast and Furious Crossfire Hurricane Election thefDurham Report it the end of the road It’s all one big entangled crime Durham was slow walking the investigation but past 3 months have been sleepless nights Just in time for the AZ Fraud results Timing

  7. shell_dzw

    Has Anyone Seen or Heard of One American 🇺🇸 That Was Rescued and Brought Home???

  8. sexy_delts

    Just wait until people who had no idea on any of this…… discover snuff videos. Many won’t be able to stomach that thought much less any additional info on it.

  9. _mr.mojo.risin

    We don’t all sacrifice humans we just love her 🐸 ☕️ .😇 👁 💀 🙏🌞🤝

  10. _mr.mojo.risin

    Not everyone uses her for bad . Media just hates on everything that’s not Biden or covid. She’s actually the strongest saint of them all and I’m sure she doesn’t like him talking about her 🙂 she’s not bad unless you make her mad glad I’m protected amen

  11. tamelessmusic

    Did he suck on helium before doing his monolog?

  12. jonathankim9

    Jeffrey Prather has been talking about this for a long time.

  13. king_sendz

    I’m glad this was broadcasted out 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 people need to wake up and know the truth about this false god these people worship!!! Jesus Christ Almighty is the #1 god and has power and domino over these weak beings

  14. _mr.mojo.risin

    He mad cause he sounds like someone’s squeezing his little balls lol

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A cult is controlling our border.