Just Imagine

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  1. burn_the_babylon

    Imagine China unleashing virus on Americans via deep state

  2. papagrantimus

    Imagine if I woke up with 10million dollars…just imagine 😂😂

  3. _lauradeee

    Does this mean they care about cops’ lives now?

  4. si_tara_8_o_8

    Imagine if his trunk was full of propane tanks and fertilizer….just imagine

  5. ismyqu

    Right, because the 5k NG aren’t armed.

  6. fitzcfitz

    He used a knife. So.. get rid of all knives?

  7. junkfoodjay

    I imagining quite a bit of things. 😈

  8. thejtalexander

    Just imagine if a drunk driver had been driving that same make and model car and the government would have Ben outraged and caused that auto make to not make that model r another vehicle again. Bam no incident would have occurred under leftist thinking of gun control

  9. debbieraia22

    Can’t make it up 🤬🤮👹😭

  10. ewready

    Why did the NG not stop him? They are at all the gates!! Why did the police get involved? If the NG isn’t there to keep the compound safe, wtf are they there for??

  11. steven_has_a_knife

    Just imagine that the perpetrator was a bulletproof mechanized fire breathing dragon with razor sharp talons, programmed to do one thing, kill humans. Just imagine.

  12. murdub777

    Imagine if they weren’t Gun grabbing commies…🤡

  13. jkillah95

    Just looking for any way to push their narrative.

  14. justincsae

    Just imagine how happy the whole world would be without democrats

  15. imherenow23

    Imagine if he got out with laser beams Dr Evil voice*

  16. wbill3665

    Pretty sure he’d be shot the same gun or knife i imagine.

  17. millionmanwolfpack

    He would have killed 1000x more people than he did with the knife.

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