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  1. Kara

    Aren’t their pants supposed to catch fire by now??!🔥

  2. Fernando

    He is kind of right. Is Obama’s bio weapon program. Not the citizens of the US

  3. Carmen 🍊

    Sorry guys…a U.S. state department of goal already admitted it. Your cover up stories are too late 🤣

  4. UKRAINE might not have BioLabs, but the US owns the labs because we FUND them. So, they aren’t TECHNICALLY lying, but they are …

  5. lorrie Haner

    Watching the Russian’s present to UN right now. The world is gonna take the cabal down in the US. Military tribunals. This is EPIC STUFF. Watch the hearing!!

  6. Jesus exposing shit left and right. And it’s AT AN ACCELERATED LEVEL! Nothing can stop what’s coming

  7. Classic deflection…. We don’t have the bio labs. Ok we do, but they don’t do gain of function. Okay they do gain of function but it’s for your own good in our world. Ok, we study it but it wasn’t our labs that lost rona…. When they talk they lie.

  8. Anonymous

    She’s prob right technically… It’s really the US who has the program IN the Ukraine.

  9. Cyndi Fowler

    So victoria nueland was lying to Congress?? Y’all need to get your lies on the same page sincerely We the People

  10. Donny

    They are actually shooting them selves in the foot by telling tik toc stars to spread misinformation. Most of them don’t even know anything about world events. 😂

  11. Zeye Murgy

    Parse that statement – ‘Ukraine’ does not have… Notice it wasn’t stated that the U.S. does not have … IN Ukraine.

  12. I knew barlow… and I still can’t figure out why Q mentioned him… o even asked the prayingmedic and he wasn’t sure.
    any clarification would be so appreciated 🙏🏻

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