Kamala Harris flew right past the border, where the crisis is ongoing.
🔴Arrests of illegal aliens with criminal backgrounds have surged 900% compared to this time last year in Laredo Texas sector alone.
🔴CBP seized more fentanyl in the first half of 2021 than it had in any of the three years prior.
🔴Human smugglers advertised ‘coyote’ services on Facebook as Trump ads remained banned.
🔴Cartels are making $400 million a MONTH on human smuggling.
🔴 Border Patrol agents operating in the Del Rio, Texas sector said they have encountered a 3,166% increase of sex offenders attempting to illegally cross the US Border compared to this time last year
🔴 Groups of illegal aliens were flown into Chattanooga, Tennessee in the dark of night
🔴 Over 8,800 border patrol agents have contracted Covid-19 due to the surge of illegal aliens at the US Mexico Border and 31 border patrol agents have died from the virus

It is now day 77 of Kamala’s failure to address


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  1. carlseaver

    Pedo business back in full swing since they stole the election.

  2. georgiatexas346

    It’s about time somebody’s got a backbone to tell them no they haven’t been to the border all the crap that they lie about finally finally someone has said something

  3. chrissytinaaaaa

    I love how he says “you haven’t been to the border!”

  4. universe55555

    Really a disaster administration

  5. thejason707

    Where in the Mexico stop she stated the importance of being on the ground and seeing the people first hand in order to get a true clarity of the situation. 🤡

  6. mcbroomstick

    The Beijing Biden administration is responsible for the deaths of those 31 border patrol agents – why isn’t THAT all over the news 🤬

  7. dave7159

    This is an obvious act of treason ! destroying the sovereignty of this nation ! endangering the American people ! why is no one doing anything to stop this ?…..

  8. johnthegun101

    At least she sounded intelligent and up to date on current issues.

  9. rlacyhawk

    Not Europe, either ( as if it matters).

  10. woowookid46

    Because that would expose that there truly is a border problem! Congrats to the idiots who voted for this disaster!

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Kamala Harris flew right past the border, where the crisis is ongoing.