This man died at age 24, on the day of the ’24 Super Bowl, as the Kansas City Chiefs, representing Missouri, the 24th state, won the Super Bowl, and with it, their 24th NFL Playoff Game.

Keep in mind the game was on February 11, emphasis on 11. K is the 11th letter and in this case, the man’s name was Kelvin Kiptum, of Kenya.

And yet again, a marathon runner is dead in a car crash.
Kelvin Kiptum=55
Car Crash=55
Blood Sacrifice=257
(55th prime)
*Chicago Bears=55

Keep in mind the 2024 Super Bowl had parallels to Super Bowl 24, which was one by the 49ers with 55 points. Of course in the 2024 game, it began with a record 55-yard field goal by the 49ers kicker.

For the clincher, he died on the 71 days after his birthday
Kelvin Kiptum=71
Car Crash=71

It goes with him dying on the Vatican’s birthday.

Is that “201?”

Kelvin Kiptum Cheruiyot=107 *Ritual Sacrifice=107
Kelvin Kiptum Cheruiyot=118 *Death=118 *Homicide=118

Keep in mind he set the record at the Chicago Marathon, where the NFL was founded.

Adding insult to injury, he died 126 days after he set the record.

And let us not forget the Mahomes “Dynasty” began a week after Kobe, #24, died on 1/26. Mahomes was 24-years-old then. Then last year Len Dawson died on August 24, Kobe Bryant Day, 24 days before Mahomes’ September 17 birthday.

For one more, the day of the Marathon, the Chiefs became 4-1, beating the Vikings, who the Chiefs also beat in Super Bowl 4, en route to winning their fourth Super Bowl this year, in Mahomes fourth appearance. Isn’t it twisted?

And in light of these events happening 10/8, Mahomes said before Super Bowl 58, the word people will say after the game is “Dynasty.”
Dynasty=108 & 36
Patrick Lavon Mahomes=108
Joe Montana=108 & 36
Nevada=36 (Where Super Bowl 58 was)


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