This news comes February 5, 83 days after Charles 75th birthday.
83, 23rd prime *King=23

It goes with his coronation in ’23.

Today is also 163 days before Camilla’s 77th birthday.
163, 38th prime *Death=38 *Murder=38 & 83

And more importantly, today is 137 days before Prince William’s birthday.

Tomorrow will be the anniversary of the last King of England dying at age 56.

Notice William is 41 right now.

It’s also been 317 months since Diana died. *317, 66th prime *Charles=66 *King=66

This news breaks February 5, 2024, the day the Kings play at the Cavaliers in the NBA. It goes with the history of those fighting for King Charles in the English Civil War being called Cavaliers.

The Kings are on 29 wins and the Cavaliers are on 65 losses in the series. *Charles=30 & 66

Notice also the Kings are 15-11 away, and the King James Bible was published in 1611, by the son of King Charles who Cavaliers are named after.

Today is also one day before the anniversary of the death of the last King of England, King George the VI, who died at age 56, June 6, 1952. It goes with how today can be written 5/2, like 52.

Let us not forget Charles coronation on May 6, or 5/6, and how it was synced with LeBron “King” James, Steph “Crown” Curry, Anthony Davis, D’Angelo Russell & the Kentucky Derby. Funny enough, the Lakers are in Charlotte tonight, the team that drafted Kobe Bryant, and in a city named after royalty. If an upset happens, the home team will be 6-19 @ home, matching the real King James birthday.

I anticipate a continuation of this story on March 11, 2024, 118 days after Charles birthday.

The March 11 date, or 11/3, also goes with the long history of 113 in the NBA.

For one more, today is 155 weeks after Charles and Camilla were vaccinated.

It also in the 36th month, and today is the 36th day of the year.
666, 36th triangular number *Vaccination=666


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