He’s dead at 42, and played in 144 games in the NHL. *Jesuit Order=144 *Jesuit=42

His death was announced on the 78th day of the year. *Jesuit=78

Keep in mind he played for the ‘Penguins,’ what we have been calling the 42 team for a decade.

He was the 18th pick of the NHL Draft in 1999, and announced dead on the 18th.
*Konstantin=61 (18th prime)

They’re saying he is dead from a blood clot, and we know the Jesuits were behind the “pandemic.”
Vaccine=42 & 30 (he died 30 days before his birthday)

And notice the gematria of ‘Detached blood clot.’


Furthermore, his name had fateful gematria.
Konstantin Koltsov=62 *Sacrifice=62
Konstantin Koltsov=251 *Ritual Sacrifice=251


His best season was 20-years ago, and his girlfriend is 25. *Death=20 & 25

Keep in mind he wore 71 for the Penguins, the 20th prime number.

His girlfriend’s name is also fateful. *Aryna Sabalenka=44 *Kill=44

He died 48 days before her May 5 birthday, and he wore #48 for the Penguins as well.


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