Jordan will still be 60 when the statue is erected, February 8, 2024

They’re unveiling it before the Nuggets game. And like I’ve always said, Kobe died 38 weeks after his wife, and had the affair in the 38th state, the murder state, Colorado. RIP.

Notice, it will be unveiled 24 weeks after Kobe Bryant day, August 24, 2023.

And in light of Kobe dying at age 41, don’t forget that the Nuggets won the NBA Finals last year in a massive 41 ritual, on #41’s birthday. *Kobe Bryant = 41 *Skull and Bones = 41

As you know, 41 is the 13th prime, and Kobe lost his daughter at 13. In this case, the statue will be unveiled 13 days after the death anniversary. *LA = 41 & 13

The date February 8 can be written 8/2.
Bryant = 82
Game = 82 (82 in an NBA season)
*Vanessa Bryant = 82

And it is a date with 54 numerology.
2/8/2024 = 2+8+20+24 = 54
Kobe Bean Bryant = 54
Jesuit Order = 54
Sun = 54

Recall, he died the Sunday before Super Bowl 54.

This time the statue will be unveiled three days before Super Bowl 58.
Kobe Bryant = 58

Today, the Colts play Kobe’s Eagles, and the Colts are from Baltimore originally.
Baltimore = 58

Today will be both teams third preseason game.

Super Bowl three included Baltimore vs. the Jets. And this year’s Hard Knocks on HBO begins with a story about an Eagle and a Raven (or crow) told by the Jets coach.

As for the date, February 8 will also be the 98th day since Kobe’s NBA debut anniversary, November 3.

For one more, it is the 39th day of the year . Think MLK and Malcolm X at age 39. Think Old Testament. Think Moses. February 8 is also 39 weeks and day’s after his wife’s 41st birthday. *Lakers = 39


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