LAPTOP LEAKS: Hunter Biden Tattoo Shows Connection To Underground Sex Trafficking Ring

Hunter Biden tattoo is an exact map of Finger Lakes in Upstate Ney York!

Which is famous for Underground Railroad Tunnels for transporting slaves.

Creepy mansions and abandoned military’s bunkers…


Hunter Biden Has a PornHub Account Where He Uploaded His Personal Porn – Including with Family Member

Why would anybody have this tattoo across their back?

On October 25, a tattoo on Hunter Biden’s back from his laptop caused an uproar on social media. It’s an accurate map of Finger Lakes regions in upstate New York. The lakes are connected underneath by abandoned underground railroad tunnels, which has now turned into a well-known underground sexual slavery railway transportation channel to creepy mansions and abandoned military bunkers. These all indicate the crime of human trafficking.

An article of “Human trafficking in Finger Lakes region: ‘It’s real, and it’s here’” from disclosed that human trafficking now happens more common in the region. Special trainings have been provided to healthcare providers in the region “to increase awareness in the region about human trafficking”. Nurses are trained to recognize red-flag indicators to ensure them know what to do if they suspect someone is a victim of trafficking.

Obviously, we can see some connections between Hunter’s tattoo with human trafficking in finger lakes region. But what made Hunter going astray into this criminal hobby? According to an expert of studying criminal behavior from China, it might ascribe to Hunter Biden’s maltreatment experience in his childhood or family education and surroundings that may lead to these series of abnormal psychology. Simultaneously, National File has obtained an identified copy of diary of Biden daughter, Ashley Blazer Biden, saying “ ‘Not appropriate’ showers with Joe as child”…Unimaginably, such confusion in this sinful family will happen next.

More crazy evildoings hidden inside Hunter Biden’s laptop will be revealed by and in the next a couple of days, please stay tuned. Justice may be late, but never absent.

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