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Journalist Lara Logan pulls no punches. She joins host Steve Bannon to discuss the corrupt election in Arizona and the cover-up in Maricopa County, as well as other examples of the globalist takeover of America.

“You know, Steve, every now and then you get one of these issues that exposes the fact that there isn’t a left and a right or a Democrat vs. Republican Party, that increasingly we’re being pushed into a world … a new kind of us vs. them divide. This is the divide of people who believe in the sanctity of elections over the sanctity of party, who care about principles and not about the people who are involved. This is one of those issues because what you see here is Maricopa County has exposed the officials who claim to be Republican, who claim to represent one side of the aisle, but at the end of the day what they don’t want is anyone looking too closely as what they did in Maricopa County.”

Part 2: Lara Logan On Balenciaga Scandal And Child Trafficking More Broadly


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