Laura exposes Anthony Fauci who says insulting him is insulting science


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  1. c_heaven18

    Science is saving people with Hydroxychloroquine, not banning it.

  2. terrid76

    Left a CVS today where mother brought in her 12 year old son for the shot. He looked so scared. I’ve been sick to my stomach since. I just wanted to scream “why??!!” I tell myself it’s not my business, but I’m horrified and heartbroken at seeing this happen.

  3. texasblogger

    Fauci better shut his mouth and disappear.

  4. newman.joa

    Who died and made him anybody? He isn’t the science and he’s in cahoots with China. Remember the emails?

  5. shov383

    Fauci is in his position to do EXACTLY what he’s doing.. He did the same thing to Dr Gary Davis decades ago when Dr Davis was curing aids.. Henry Kissenger’s policy document for Africa tied in perfectly with the aids virus.. Fauci needs to swing

  6. nopchere

    Term limit in every sector government workers.

  7. etolie1234567

    Insulting the son of Satan!!! Fauci is a demon

  8. hardass10

    Criminal and disgusting, where’s the rope?!

  9. ephesians_4.12

    If you fill your days with MSM, there he’s given a platform to continue selling his experimental product 😡

  10. marianne.vandervelde

    Wow! How does this man still have his job?!

  11. __yj______

    Why hasn’t he been charged? Seriously, why?

  12. archie54lea

    Thus Say the LORD God of Host in Jesus Christ Name amen and amen Jail them and Cuomo premedated murder

  13. cycorp

    1. He needs to be FIRED.
    2. He needs to be TRIED.

  14. yayalisa78

    That asswipe doesn’t give up, does he?!!! His days are numbered, and he knows it..

  15. driller_gtr116

    Off with his head! He is a murderer.

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Laura exposes Anthony Fauci who says insulting him is insulting science