Have you ever wondered why you’ve never seen a legit
Q drop displayed by a MSM outlet?

That’s because if they showed the American people
what type of information is truly displayed in the drops,
people would immediately begin to dig.
So they simply insert people into the movement who
purposely spread nonsense and then they cherry pick
those comments and run with it as if those imbeciles
speak for Q.
It’s a childish but highly effective tactic.
It’s also the ONLY option they have to combat Q.

Lie about the provided content and then have the media
pretend we believe those lies.
Unfortunately for [THEM] we’ve already accomplished
our goal as anons. We bypassed the MSM effectively
enough to reach critical mass. The truth spreads like
wildfire and the media doesn’t have nearly enough
hoses to extinguish it at this point.
Do you think the average American is currently more
concerned with vaccine mandates, hyperinflation and
millions of dangerous illegal immigrants flooding the
country…or the fact that a fake Qanon event was held by
a handful of idiots recently?
The “Qanon” phenomenon has morphed before our very
eyes. When people hear the truth nowadays about
Faucits evil or election fraud, where do you think that
information came from originally? ANONS.

The spread of truth has become so rapid and effective
at this point, it has grown beyond the bounds of the Q
movement and has simply become “The Truth
To be honest, Q’s disappearance may have been genius.
Just as Trump needed to take a step backwards and out
of the spotlight so Brandon could redpill the country and
DC could be cleaned up without the optics of Trump
being a dictator…Q needed to take the same step back
so anons could learn to flourish on their own AND the
movement would no longer be in the spotlight, while the
truth flows like honey into the minds of the masses
straight from the keyboards of those crazy Qtards.

CNN can’t break a million viewers anymore.
Anons have FAR better social media engagement.
We are literally the news now and most people still don’t
even realize it.
The truth is out of control in the best way possible.
Stay froggy frens

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  1. thatcrackshit_v3

    For four years we were in Q college. The day 45 left we graduated. We are stronger now I Def believe that.

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