Leo Terrell on situation in Minnesota: “These are Democrats! Who are they pointing the finger at? These are Democrat Mayors Democrat governors. They are talking about racism, discrimination and unfairness. They’re in charge! So who are the bad guys? Who are the political leaders, allowing “systemic racism” to take place? I don’t know who they’re pointing the finger at. Maybe they need to look in the mirror!”

I love @realleoterrell – spitting FACTS on situation in Minnesota, responding to race hustling press conference given by Dem Gov. Tom Walz and Dem mayors in response to officer involved shooting in Minnesota


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  1. brixnsp

    So true. Leo 2.0 is awesome. It goes the same with every major Dem run city that cries systemic racism. They have been in charge and are responsible. Why can’t people see this?

  2. kellief0rtier


  3. tx88k

    Exactly!!! Many violent cities have complete Democratic leadership for decades… it’s not that difficult to figure out folks 🙄

  4. cosmik_breezy

    Damn I wanted to see Heraldo fumble

  5. elizabethanddogs

    Poor Geraldo. He’s gone off the track!

  6. lewin_89

    They wanted to blame trump last year so, where’s Biden? What’s their president doing? He hasn’t spoken about it at all

  7. tank9j

    Fools just need to hear what they want to be right. They don’t need it to be factually correct or continuous of thought.

  8. alexdr10

    The people that need to see and hear this don’t.

  9. mskris2

    No one in Mn wants this mayor or Governor. They both need to be fired? Who can help with this. Please step up and help.

  10. lunchsta

    Haraldo aka dirty sanchez is only looking at himself in the mirror With them rose tinted glasses 👓 🤣🤣🤣🥴🤢🤮😝😝😝 @nihal_bhagwandas @giovannapirruccio

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