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  1. jeffrey_scott_luke

    Lol, y’all are looking at a feeble old man that doesn’t realize his pocket is sewn shut. He’s the leader of the free world supposedly and is about as self-aware as an infant.

  2. lyonsun9

    Lol where does creepy joe stay lol ? I here the White House is on Zillow does any one knows it to be true.

  3. the_lufthansa_heist

    This retard tried to put his pen away before he signed his name.
    And oh yeah, the pocket was sewn shut.
    The world is still watching you, JoJo.

  4. kieran.bahia_dhesi

    Could it be the Freemason logo?

  5. ginagrassohair

    Mask no mask mask no mask 🤣😂🤣
    “Which way did he go George 🥴 which way did he go??”

  6. movinwithmissylee

    What’s the wire for?! When he pulls his suit jacket open🤔🧐

  7. clapella

    First president that wears adult diapers

  8. edenscosta

    I’m not sure what the logo in the jacket is, but he obviously was there to sign more crap, took up a pen, opened a binder, then went to put the pen away… 🤷🏻‍♀️

  9. djbrojek

    White House and the Washington monument have been blacked out multiple nights now. I would assume this would be a concern of the secret service. This is so odd..and no one is reporting it!

  10. kirkgregory18

    Ok not funny who sew up my pocket on my suit!

  11. tmacatthe1shtbh

    He’s wearing a wire & has the “bean” as we used to call it, in his ear…

  12. jadi2018

    He looks so busy lol undoing everything that Trump did lol

  13. jhowell1976

    But the big question is why is he even trying to put the pen away???

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