“Let’s not talk about politics” was the latest answer I got in regards to what should be a neutral conversation since this is what was screamed about for the past 4 years
What’s the latest response you’ve gotten?

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  1. born.hyper.x

    Personally for me it’s a disgrace to have kids in cages, I understand ICE but for children it could be a better facility. Like fuck the adults but kids they didn’t ask to cross the boarder yeno

  2. tierra_richardson

    I’ve heard alot of children were sent by their parents across the border. Dont know for sure how true it us

  3. given_to_fly10

    I’d say most of them would say that’s the mess trunk left them 🙄

  4. casper199025

    Who built the cages? Obama wasn’t it? These are the ones you telling you about. Loads leaked on tiktok

  5. baker_636

    Them: “I didn’t vote for that……”.
    Me: “But ya kinda did 🤷🏼‍♂️”

  6. kayleemarie1713

    This shit makes me angry!!! HOW COME THE FUKING “CELEBRITIES” AINT POSTING THAT!!!!!!!??????? Sure did when Trump was pres. @ssandra.ibarra

  7. messer7147

    It’s really disgraceful all the way around government cartels having their way with the American people and none of it good

  8. annepalles

    And we have so many homeless in America. We need to care for our own before we import illegal aliens, please. this is maddest!

  9. wa.thom

    Wow, I’m impressed that y’all can converse w/them… 😂😂

  10. juliea9

    so if some of the problem is that parents are dropping their kids off and leaving, what are they supposed to do with all these kids? (Aside from trying to contact parents) Drop them back on Mexico side and let them fend for themselves? Put them in a hotel and somehow find enough people to watch them? Not being sarcastic. Curious what an actual solution is rather than just saying “there’s more now than there was under trump”.

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“Let’s not talk about politics” was the latest answer I got in regards to what s