Let’s see what happens

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  1. mrinformationreloaded

    I always thought Fred was bald …. I guess he has a very good head of hair . Weird how that happened

  2. littlecreamsodaa


  3. evilfairygodmom

    You ain’t kidding he looks like him

  4. highvibez.3

    I thought the same earlier when I first saw this picture!!!! 😮

  5. hello_its_michelle_

    I thought the same thing when I saw the Limp Bis….however you spell or post.

  6. greeneyedsara

    The plot twist of the century…

  7. white.rabbit.reality.2

    Yo i thought that picture was crazy 👏

  8. vibeswithtruth31

    😂😂😂… 😮… 😆😭

  9. menpo77

    Isn’t that a wig he’s been wearing for live shows?

  10. pvisage

    That’s who I thought it was @ first

  11. generalsands

    Hi Kang, I was referred to you. I’m Executive Producer of The Julian Assange Documentary at JulianAssange.com. Let me know if you have any questions. I also run MillionMaskMarch.com.

  12. nicknclaudine_londondungeon

    I said that earlier

  13. elizabeth.inc

    Ba ha ha this is the first think I thought 🤣

  14. chaney_in_wonderland

    Ok… you fucking got me with this one.

  15. vinnys_giant

    “Let’s see what happens”… 🤣🤣😂😂

  16. kristallatsirk

    That is NOT Fred Durst😂😂😂

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